General Public Puppetry or Drama Workshop

【Lesson Feature】

In depth and fun learning——

 Besides making puppets, Puppets Beings Theatre seeks new forms of puppetry, and we would like to share our fun, creative and interesting puppet with everyone in a down-to-earth way!

Our founder Chen-Chieh Sun , besides making professional puppets, has been a writer for "Art and Humanities" teaching material, and is experienced in leading children swiftly into the realm of drama and puppetry for the learning to be of professional depth, but full of fun.


Diverse lesson plans——

Our lesson content can be planned around different groups, such as preschool children, older children, parents, community moms, story-telling moms, students from related studies, teachers, and professional theatre personnel.

The type of lesson, depending on the needs, can be in the form of workshop, lectures,  symposium, or sharing session.


Professional instructors——

The group of instructors of Puppets Being Company, besides receiving the founder's professional training, combine their own experience and expertise in the realm of drama. They have accumulated passion for the world of puppetry over the years, and have professional teaching background, which enables the lessons to have not only the theatre expertise, but also to have

the skill to lead the class, guide each individual and maintain the atmosphere of the classroom. Our instructor, not only knows their craft, they know how to teach! At the same time, they are experienced in related career planning!



【Lesson Content】

General Public Puppetry or Drama Workshop
Target Participant: pre-school children, school-age children, parents with children, middle-school student, high-school student, all people interested in theatrer
 Lesson Type  Content
Simple Puppet Design and Making  Include hand puppet, rod puppet, story-telling theatre, shadow puppet, string puppet and various form. With simple material, design and make your own puppet with your personal style
 Object Theatre "In life, puppet is everywhere. " With simple daily object, stir imagination and creativity, create one's own object theatre
Picture book Presentation Workshop  Use the "picture"and "text" of picture book, utilize the story structure and the change in voice tone, lead the participant into the world of telling and acting out picture book story.
Element of Theatre  Role-playing game suitable for age 3-99, in combination with voice development and body movement creation class