Object Theatre -“The Backyard Story”

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A non- fluorescent black light theater, a splendid fantasy journey……



Ishara International Puppet Festival (India, 2012)

2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Taiwan Season



Performance FormObject theater + Black light

Performance Time60 minute

Performance LocationTheater Preferred

Stage Size10 Meter Depth/15 Meter Width

Light RequirementsTheater light

Audio Requirements:2 Mini Mic and CD broadcast system


【Story Outline】

The story starts from the next-door neighbors who are doing their laundry at backyard as they compete their gorgeous and elegant clothes with each other and make a fool of themselves. A red balloon floats in at night and dabs on clothes. All the cloths are activated. As the story goes on, the next-door neighbors meet and experience competition, emotion, cooperation and so on. The story addresses relationship between parents and child, love, friendship and many other things in life. The neighbors eventually decide to help out each other to build and organize the backyard beautifully instead of dispute with each other after all the things they have been through.

【Performance Objective】

  • Utilizing the features of black light and object theater to raise child’s imagination and creativity

  •  The story is adapted to life and current affairs, providing the good material for parents in education process

  •  Innovative and simple stage design to allow the audience perform the play at home; carry out the family activity and promotes the relationship between parent and child.

  •  The performance conveys the proper outlook of life and life manner; learning to care for others and establishing good interpersonal relationship.


【Performance Characteristic】

  • The first non-fluorescence black light theater in Taiwan. An intermediary of Object theater element. Vivid and variable performance forms allow audience to exert their ultimate imaginations.

  •  To open up the view and imagination of audience by the performance form of black light and Object theater. To enrich the performance form of puppetry.

  •  The story is instructive and educational, emphasizing on the concept of interpersonal relationship and peace, carrying out art educational practice and applying to daily life.


【Stage Photo】

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