Object Theater-“The Paper Play”


300dpi 169c9

Fascinating creation and unlimited imagination



"Best Performance" and "Best Creativity" at Shanghai International Children Theatre Festival 2009.

"Creative Award" at 1st China Nanchong International Puppet Art Week,2014.

Be invitationed and Performed at Ishara International Puppet Festival 2015.



Performance Form:Object Theater

Performance Time:60 Minute

Performance Location:Theater Preferred

Stage Size:8 Meter Depth/10 Meter Width

Light Requirements:Theater Light

Audio Requirements:6 Mini Mic and CD broadcast system


【Story Outline】

The Park / Children are afraid of this old man in the park because mom said that do not talk to strangers. One day, a little boy kicks a ball to the old man. This little boy dares not to get close to the man but leaves. At the same time, a puppy shows up which does not afraid of the old man…

Little Windmills / Small paper windmill looks at other big ones full of colors swirling slowly but elegantly. Little paper windmill really envies them and hope that he can grow up and can swirl as slowly as everyone…

The Paper Play / The play all is played by paper. Through imagination, paper changes into more than fifty different types. As your company, a huge adventure full of laughter and non-stop.

【Performance Objective】

  • Developing with paper to promote the idea of one-material object theatre.
  • To lead the young audience into the world of unbounded imagination and divers creativity.


【Performance Characteristic】

  • The play is performed as Object Theater to enhance children’s imagination and creativity.
  • The stage, puppets and props are all made by papers. This challenges the limitation of imagination and the performing difficulty.
  • Rich performing styles. Parents and children are encouraged to make a play with different furniture settings at home.
  • Session-designed performance. Contents in each session are totally different but co-related.

【Stage Photo】

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